Fire Alarm System – Zone/Addressable/Voice

Siemens fire protection products and systems protect your people, assets and facility like no other system can.  By choosing Siemens, you can be sure that you have your future covered with configurations and solutions that meet your specific needs.   Not only will you provide a safer environment for your building occupants, but you can rest easy knowing that you chose the best protection for your people, business and future.

Siemens fire detection systems are the best in the industry, boasting unbeatable accuracy and ease of use for firefighters, installers and building personnel.  At the first sign of danger, our reliable Siemens fire detection systems trigger a coordinated alarm, people are led out of the danger area via voice messages, and extinguishing systems are activated.

Siemens Fire Detection Systems:

Cerberus Pro

FireFinder XLS

FireFinder XLS Voice