White County Memorial Hospital

White County Memorial Hospital built a replacement hospital in 2008. We were brought in as a direct partner with the owner to help design the entire low voltage technology package for both the hospital and the adjacent medical office building. We worked side by side with the owner to develop the plan for the Siemens fire alarm, Rauland nurse call, DSX card access, NEC phone system and many more of the technology systems. We estimate by the hospital hiring us direct rather than going through the traditional bid process we saved the hospital roughly $200,000.

Challenge: Design and implement all low-voltage technology for White County’s new hospital and adjacent medical office building.

Solution: We worked with the hospital owners to create a comprehensive plan for everything from fire alarms and nurse call systems to phone systems, secure building access, and more.

Products Used: Siemens fire alarms, Rauland Borg nurse call, NEC phones and DSX card access

Results: The hospital has integrated technologies that allow team members to efficiently communicate with each other and with their patients. And by working directly with Communication Company rather than using a traditional bid process, the hospital saved an estimated $200,000.